Franciscan Peacemakers, Milwaukee By Dr. Kimberly Frank

Franciscan Peacemakers is a faith-based charitable organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, established to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to victims of human trafficking and the impoverished. Organized in 1995, Franciscan Peacemakers today is recognized as a vital support group for foreigners brought to the United States unlawfully as sex workers or laborers, and for U.S. citizens suffering from similar abuse. With a mission to rid society of prostitution and human trafficking, the Franciscan Peacemakers opened Clare House in 1996 to provide a home environment and community for women escaping prostitution. Clare House provides educational and vocational opportunities for impoverished women, life-skills training, and an empowering atmosphere for economic self-sufficiency and spiritual growth. The Franciscan Peacemakers’ secondary mission is to provide food to the impoverished children, women, and men of inner city Milwaukee. With the help of volunteers and charitable donors, Franciscan Peacemakers provides roughly 1,000 bag lunches each month, Monday through Friday, through parish churches in the neighborhoods of Milwaukee most affected by poverty and prostitution.

About the Author:

Dr. Kimberly Frank is an expert in child and adolescent psychiatry based in Racine, and volunteers her time at Franciscan Peacemakers to distribute food to the poor of Milwaukee. As a practicing professional and concerned citizen, Kimberly Frank is making a difference in the lives of many and doing her part to make Wisconsin a better place for everyone.


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